GEN11US is the 11th generation of Malaysian medical students in Kasr El-Ainy School of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. Formerly known as Gen11, the word ‘US’ was later added to show our unity as a community, and so the name was changed to GEN11US.

GEN11US originally consisted of 135 students, 53 males and 82 females. In 2013, due to political crisis and security issues in Egypt, the Malaysian Government had offered a credit transfer system which is the ‘parallel minus-one’ rule. The students were given choices either to pursue their studies in Malaysia or continue in Egypt. A total of 36 students accepted the offer, and thus, the number reduced to 99 students.

Despite the unstable conditions in Egypt, and the sadness of being left by these precious friends, the remaining GEN11US members plant their feet firmly on the ground, held their head up high and continue chasing their dreams of becoming a great and professional ‘Muslim Doctor’.

"Once a GEN11US, always a GEN11US".

GEN11US is the 11th generation of Malaysian medical students at Kasr El-Ainy School of Medicine, Cairo University in Egypt.

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